Eligibility Verification

Decrease Claim Errors and Increase Patient Collections

  • Real-Time Eligbility Verification Software
  • Commercial Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Eligibility Check Provides Advantage Plan Information
  • Batch Eligibility Processing
  • Specialized Medicaid Batch Eligibility - with MCO information
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Same or Similar

  • Prevent same or similar denials
  • DME Eligibility Platform
  • Standalone or combined with insurance eligibility
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Healthcare Transactions

Streamline the Billing Process

  • Claim Processing & Status
  • Patient Statement Processing
  • One Bill
  • Electronic Remittance

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Patient Payment Solutions

Offer Your Patients Online Payments With A Branded Payment Portal

  • Accept all payment types
  • Offer your patients online payments
  • Set up automated payment plans
  • Patient payment estimation
  • Electronic Remittance
  • Phone IVR
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Self-Pay Analyzer

Identify Recoverable Medicaid Revenue

  • Export your data to a simple spreadsheet
  • Upload or SFTP us the file
  • Review the response data with minutes, not hours or days!
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Insurance Detection

Check multiple patients across virtually all payers

  • Insurance Discovery
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Individual Insurance Processing
  • Batch Processing
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Healthcare Revenue Integrity : Eligibility and Patient Payment Solutions for Medical Providers

 Obtain Real Time insurance patient benefit information and use it to leverage patient payments. Eligibility verification at the time of service or prior is the key to making sure patients are eligible to be seen with active insurance coverage. Eligibility verification is key in collecting copayments and deductibles at the time of service or point of care to maintain a consistent cash flow for your facility and lessen the burden of collecting money and writing off bad debt. DataLink offers real-time and batch eligibility.
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 DataLink offers Payment Solutions that automate the payments process and patients are happier as well. DataLink offers several payment options on one portal. Collecting everything owed by your patients is not always possible and DataLink offers automated solutions to collect post-care.
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 DataLink offers the ability to use any payment option, including IVR, online bill pay, and check. Build trust and satisfaction between your facility and patients.
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Real Time Eligibility Verification Software & Batch Eligibility • Over 1500 Payers
Medicare Advantage • Medicaid/MCO
All Commercial Payers

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