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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Access easy-to-read, detailed eligibility information in real-time or batch, 24/7.
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Reduce the Headache, Get Paid On Time

Automate payments, cut costs, use our branded patient portal, and improve efficiency!

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Medicaid Eligibility Verification Made Simple!

Same or Similar

Prevent denials, decrease write-offs and improve cash flow by preventing same or similar denials!

Insurance Detection

Check multiple patients across virtually all payers

IVR Autopay by Phone

Payment IVR • Billing Reminders • Appointment Reminders • Broadcast Messages


Decrease Claim Errors and Increase Patient Collections

Insurance Eligibility Verification


Batch Eligibility Processing

Same or Similar

Prevent same or similar denials!

DME Eligibility Platform


Standalone or combined with insurance eligibility

Healthcare Transactions

Streamline the Billing Process

Claim Processing & Status


Patient Statement Processing


One Bill


Electronic Remittance

Patient Payment Solutions

Offer Your Patients Online Payments With A Branded Payment Portal

Accept all payment types


Offer your patients online payments


Set up automated payment plans


Patient payment estimation


Branded patient payment portal

Self-Pay Analyzer

Identify Recoverable Medicaid Revenue

Export your data to a simple spreadsheet


Upload or SFTP us the file


Review the response data with minutes, not hours or days!

Insurance Detection

Check multiple patients across virtually all payers

Insurance Discovery


Insurance Recovery


Individual Insurance Processing


Batch Processing

Patient Eligibility Verification & Automate Patient Payments with our Payment Portal


Ready to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity in your facility or clinic with our software? We’re here to help with solutions that impact the bottom line.

Our decades of experience in medical RCM have led to a true understanding of the business side of healthcare. The software solutions we provide are developed to address specific tasks that will benefit from an automated process, increasing overall revenue, efficiency and productivity. Simplify your revenue cycle by streamlining processes. 


Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our On-line Verification Portal allows your facility to verify Eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers within seconds or in a Batch Format.

Over 1500 payers available for Real-Time Eligibility Verification.

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"DataLink system is easy to use. Another benefit of working with DataLink is their customer service… always friendly, always prompt, always patient, and always knowledgeable!"

Patient Access Manager
Hospital ‐ TX

"We have used DataLink Solutions since 2008, and have not even thought of using another service. They have given us the information we’ve needed when we needed it."

Insurance Resource Specialist
Ophthalmology Practice - NV

"DataLink Solutions has certainly made my work life less hectic and more manageable. Since using your program my time spent verifying patient insurance has been cut almost in half. DataLink Solutions program is user friendly and reliable. Anytime I have a question or a problem my phone calls have always been returned promptly and the issue resolved."

Precertification Department
Neurology Practice ‐ TX

"We have tried at least six different companies to check our Medicare patients and NONE of them are close to the satisfaction and customer care as DataLink Solutions. I love that I can check other insurances and MEDICAID. Other services can't check Medicaid at all. I quit looking several years ago when we started using DataLink Solutions. Thank You !! Thank You!!"

Office Manager
Podiatry Practice ‐ FL

"DataLink’ s service is fantastic. We’ve had very few problems and the few we’ve had have been resolved quickly. Whether uploading large data files or manually entering the patient information, the system is easy to use and gives us the information we need. I expected DataLink’ s site to be similar to others - slow and time - consuming, which has not been the case. The overall ease of use and quick response times have far exceeded our expectations."

Pennie P.
Ophthalmology Practice - FL


"DataLink’s payer list sets it apart from all competitors. DataLink delivers on its promise in full, and successfully (and effortlessly) verifies eligibility for the great majority of our patients. The technology is robust and very usable and is continually updated and improved. DataLink’s customer service is top-notch. DataLink’s service is an integral part to our revenue cycle management, providing better data with less effort than manual verification. Knowing whether a patient’s deductible has been met allows us to better inform patients about their financial responsibility and has made it far easier to collect the patient’s portion. DataLink is the only service which truly taps the potential of automated eligibility verification. With DataLink, our practice can verify an entire day's schedule with a few simple clicks."

Mark E
IT Director
Pain Management Practice - AZ



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