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Fast Real Time Eligibility Verification. Direct Connection to Payers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Direct Connect Access to all 50 states for Blue Cross as well as Out-of- State Blues through Blue Exchange.

Medicare & Medicaid

Direct Connect to Medicare HETS. Advantage Plan information provided. Direct Connect to CMS in all 50 States. MCO information provided.


Direct Connect to over 1500 Payers.

Batch Eligibility

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 patient to verify. We provide Batch Eligibility in a simple to process format. Responses return same day.

responses return detailed benefits.

Our Services

Check for Eligibility

Decrease Claim Errors and Increase Patient Collections.

Same or Similar

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Healthcare Transactions

Streamline the Billing Process.

Patient Payment Solutions

Offer Your Patients Online Payments With A Branded Payment Portal.

Insurance Detection

Check multiple patients across virtually all payers

Self-Pay Analyzer

Identify Recoverable Medicaid Revenue