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Healthcare Eligibility and Payment Solutions

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Streamline the Eligibility Verification Process

  • Access to over 800 payers nationwide, including Medicare
  • Real-time responses are returned in 3-6 seconds
  • Single inquiries, mini-batch and automated batch capability
  • Patient demographic data is stored for future use
  • Color coded responses make it easy to identify active or inactive coverage
  • Ask us about our automated batch processing from your scheduling system. Whether you have to verify 10 patients or 1,000 patients, be done in 1‐2 minutes!

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Automated Batch Eligibility Processing

Whether you have to process 100 patients or 1,000 patients, be done in 1‐2 minutes!

Three Simple Steps

  • Export your demographic data to Excel
  • Upload for processing
  • Review your color‐coded eligibility responses

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Claim Processing and claim status

Claims and Denial Management Made Easy

  • Industry leading claims processing and reporting
  • Cleaner claims = fewer rejections
  • Get your claims paid faster
  • Check claim status in single or batch mode

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Electronic Remittance

Go Green – No More Paper EOB’s

  • Eliminate paper checks and EOB’s
  • Stop paper waste
  • Get your claims paid faster

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Patient Statement Processing

Streamline Your Patient Collections

  • Patient Statement – we accept a variety of patient accounting system formats
  • e-Statements – online bill presentment
  • Patient Payment Portal – collect payments online

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  • Accept all payment types
  • Patient payment estimation
  • Set up flexible payment plans for your patients
  • PCI Level One certified
  • Accept All Payment Types
  • Patient Payment Estimation
  • Offer your patients online payments with a branded payment portal
  • Set up flexible payment plans in office or online
  • Securely store credit card on file

Secure Patient Payment Solutions

Collect More Patient Payments

Front Office Payments
Any computer can become a payment station

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Back Office Payments
Easily accept payments via phone and statements

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Remote Deposit
Process checks quickly and efficiently

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Patient Payment Estimator
Determine patient financial responsibility at point of service

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Automated Payment Plans
Offer flexible payment plans to your patients

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Branded Patient Payment Portal
Offer a convenient online payment option to your patients

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